Cash Flow, Debt, & Taxes

Clearly, your cash flow planning is critical to your long-term success, no matter whether you are accumulating assets for the future or living on income from your portfolio. Cash flow is affected by your income, spending, debt payments, and taxes, which all need to be coordinated to allow you to build and use your wealth purposefully.

At The Money Advisor Group, we employ sophisticated cash flow analysis and income distribution strategies that will ensure your cash flow accurately reflects all your objectives. Your goals relating to tax planning, retirement planning, education funding and major purchases can be efficiently managed. Potential life changes such as marriage, career changes, sale of a business, or inheritance can be simulated with accuracy and confidence.


  • Retirement planning
  • Cash-flow planning
  • Education funding
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Debt analysis & structuring
  • Stock option analysis & planning
  • Tax planning